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In a few words :

What's The Plan ?

I do not consider myself as a nerd, but I do like very much computers and stuff of these kinds I have to admit.

When crypto came up, I tested my trading skills. I quickly realized it wasn't my "thing".

But the concept around the crypto got my attention. Particularly the proof of staking which cardano is based on.

So here I am, operating a stake pool now, looking after a 1x relay, 1x producer, 1x monitoring system.

But it's not only about staking cardano. Every staking pool owner knows that. It can't be.

So I've been asking myself this : What could it be then ? And why should I decide this alone ?

What if you were the one deciding what it could be ?

Here is the idea !

I provide you with a safe and reliable infrastructure to stake your cardano.

Then you, all of you, dear delegators could then decide which organizations (#environment #animals #green #sustainable #recycling) you'd like to support.

For the how, well I have some ideas but again, I want to do it with you, so let's discuss it together first.

Eventually when we get rewarded, I will transfer a part (defined according to pool productivity) of my 1% margin awarded to the elected org.

What do you think ?

Time is NOW !

How to join ?

Buy some cardano on one exchange platform. kraken.com for instance.

Create a wallet. With Yoroi on your smartphone, or ccvault.io on your laptop with your favourite web browser.

Make/Backup multiple copies of the mnemonic sentence you were given. These words are the unique keys of your wallet.

At this point, you should find a bundle of adresses in your "receive" tab. Copy the first one.

Go to the exchange to perform a withdraw, fill in the amount of cardano (don't be shy :-)) you're willing to transfer plus the address. Confirm.

After a while you should witness the increase of your wallet balance (of precisely the amount you moved minus the transaction fee ~1 ADA)

Once you did this, you go to the delegate Tab, and delegate your wallet to this stake pool (aka [WILDR] like the page title here)

In order to do this you will need to deposit 2 ADA, 2 ADA you will get back if you ever decide to retire from stacking.

And because registering to a stake pool is a transaction, you will need to pay a transaction fee, ~ 1 ADA.

You might wonder what I'm going to do with you wallet ? Nothing. You still are the owner of your wallet and your money Chief !

Stacking is rather like telling the system that you are not into trading but more into supporting the concept, and willing to be a part of it. It's all about being a team

Once the pool is designated to validate blocks, and indeed does so, you and I will get rewarded for the job done.

You might wonder why do I need you ? Because the more we are the merrier. And, last but not the least, the more we pledge, the more we get to produce blocks and get rewarded for it.

You might have a thousand questions yet. Have a look at these.

Get In Touch

Note: If you ever decide to stake with WILDR, you must create a Telegram account and join our channel, as it is the only way for me to reach you and eventually inform you of the updates and the next steps of the WILDR project.

For privacy matters, I'd recommend you to create an anonymous account. Don't mention your real name.